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Physical therapy is essential for enhanced cancer survivorship. In coordination with your medical team, your program is provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with specific training in Oncology Rehabilitation. Physical therapy treatments will maximize your quality of life before, during and after cancer interventions. Based on a comprehensive evaluation, an individually tailored plan is established to empower you to achieve goals for a healthy lifestyle.


Regain Your Strength, Renew Your Life, and THRIVE


Dr. Mary Kaye Rueth has developed a program called, T.H.R.I.V.E. Beyond Cancer, (Therapy and Healing to Restore Inspiration Vitality and Endurance), which uses a team approach to support you in your healing journey. This program targets benefits such as, increased strength and mobility, fatigue management, addresses side effects of surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, improved bone health, enhanced balance and coordination, stress reduction, decreased pain, increased cardiovascular endurance, education, support and survivorship plans.

Mary Kaye is a Certified Oncology Rehabilitation Specialist with the Physiological Oncology Rehabilitation Institute (PORI). Through this program of varied learning modules, we deliver evidence-based "best practices" for cancer services.

See what clients have to say....


"I have been treated by Mary Kaye Rueth after having a bilateral  mastectomy. She helped with the restrictions caused by this surgery. I found her not only proficient in her treatment, but patient and understanding. As a cancer survivor, the recuperation period can be very stressful. Her dedication and sincere concern helped me through this difficult period. I highly recommend her to other cancer patients needing physical therapy." - Jo


"I was very fortunate and grateful to find Mary Kaye Rueth during my searching for a physical therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to dealing with issues that affect cancer patients. After my breast reconstruction, I was in pain and had limited mobility, flexibility and strength in my shoulder and chest and was searching for a help. From our very first visit, she immediately understood my situation and started me on a path to wellness for my whole body. She armed me with not only a series of exercises but she began the process of repairing my lymphatic system and improving scar tissue. During our visits, she explained what was happening to my body, what I was experiencing and what to expect as we moved forward. She moved me through the healing process and addressed my concerns while encouraging me along the journey. My recent mastectomy was the second time I have dealt with cancer. During my first experience none of my doctors recommended seeing a physical therapist let alone someone like Mary Kaye who is experienced in breast surgery. So my recovery was long and very difficult. I applaud Mary Kaye and her pioneer attitude and determination to give cancer patients more opportunities for a complete healing process. The healing process is more than just getting through the surgery, pain, radiation and chemo it is about getting back your life and where you were while improving your future outlook. Thank You Mary Kaye for all your advice, support and most importantly your commitment to my health. It was a road made easier because you were there for me."  - Mary



Mary Kaye Rueth, DPT, is an exceptional health care professional with a genuine concern for others. Mary Kaye worked with one of my oncology clients and did a wonderful job with her rehabilitation. The client was immobilized in a wheelchair for over a year, and is now able to walk on her own. Mary Kaye has a wealth of knowledge, patience, positive energy and people skills. It is an honor and privilege to know such a talented and compassionate therapist, and I highly recommend her professional skills as a friend and colleague.

Janet B. Kunz, BS, RN, CSA, CMC
Certified Geriatric Care Manager  - Owner/Focus on Senior Care, LLC.
Naples, FL




Dr. Mary Kaye Rueth, DPT offers Oncology Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Physical Therapy services and Wellness solutions. Patient-driven goals give you the empowerment to succeed and instill healthy lifestyle adaptations into your daily routine. Services are available in Naples, Florida. Click here for Client and Professional Testimonials...



Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Based on a comprehensive evaluation, a plan is tailored for each individual.



Beyond Surviving to Thriving

Rehabilitation and wellness management enhance your recovery journey.


Helpful Links & Info for Your Recovery Journey

Links and information about services and support that is available to you.

Therapy and Healing to Restore Inspiration Vitality and Endurance

We are pleased to offer this online community to support you in your recovery. This is a caring, safe place to gather information, education and inspiration just for YOU!

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Great results, patients more than positive about MKR's impact, even in very difficult cases. I think you are a great therapist and am grateful for the help you have given my patients.  - Dr. D. M., physician      more testimonials...

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